Summer work

  • 18 août 2017
740 398 freddy

Debian packaging and Ubuntu PPA management :

Debian packaging and Docker images :

Asterisk deployment as new PBX (in replacement of CommuniGate Pro) with Cisco SPA 3102 PSTN Gateways and GrandStream GXP1450 IP Phones.

Certbot (Letsencrypt) deployment to manage SSL certificates and associate requests (creation, renew). SSL Procedure review to integrate certbot features.

The OpenMeetings project offer a very interesting solution to organize your own webinar services. Your end users will just need an internet browser with flash plugin in order to access their webcam/microphone. I still need to run tests to evaluate correctly the technology.

I would also advice users looking for a CalDAV server that can operate with OpenMeetings to take a look to the radicale software, a Contact and Calendar server that speaks CalDAV and CardDAV.