Docker contribs

  • 15 août 2016
807 318 freddy

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will provide support until end of March 2019. This is still time to test container based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or even start testing branch 16.04 LTS thanks to docker !

Here is a couple of images with pre-configured applications :

  • System base image : syslog, cron and ssh enabled
  • LAMP base image : apache, mysql, phpmyadmin
  • WordPress base image : wordpress, apache, mysql, phpmyadmin
  • X2Go/XFCE Desktop base image : X2Go, xfce4
  • Laurux database base image : apache, mysql, phpmyadmin
  • Laurux desktop base image : xfce, laurux
  • Reprap desktop base image : xfce, arduino, openscad, freescad, printrun, slic3r

You might be interested to see the sources in order to understand how these images have been built :